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Does Salicylic Acid Cure Acne?


Problematic skin, also classified as acne affects people of all races and ethnic groups and sometimes persists well into adulthood. Problem skin conditions can be caused due to a varying number of factors, such as genetic inheritance from parents who also suffered from problem skin conditions, environmental pollution, stressful lifestyles and hormonal imbalances.

Firstly, to address the symptoms that appear on the skin, we need to reduce the build-up of excess oil and dead skin cells. This will:

  1. normalise the function of cell renewal,
  2. reduce inflammation, and
  3. prevent bacteria formation deep within the hair follicle and pores.
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The introduction of the Super Daily Cleanser with Salicylic Acid into the LiveNow Skincare range has seen many great outcomes in the treatment of acne. It is not a total cure but one of the must-haves in the reduction of acne signs and symptoms.


daily facial cleanser by live now
Salicylic Acid or beta-hydroxy acid(BHA)is an incredible exfoliate that sheds dead skin cells by penetrating deep into the pore lining and inhibiting the sebum production. It is an oil-soluble exfoliator and is often considered better than Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) for pore cleaning. Mixed with Glycolic Acid in a Cleanser makes it a double “wammy” for skin with acne.


What you can expect

  • Help with controlling the development of problem causing bacteria
  • Reduction in excessive oiliness
  • Improved skin clarity and smooths the skin
  • Decreased redness, irritation and inflammation
  • Improvement in overall skin health
  • Help with prevention and formation of acne scarring

The LIVENOW Super Daily Cleanser a must have for acne-prone skin. Follow up with a trip to you GP to discuss a change in diet and medication if necessary.