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  • vitamin c15 serum
  • Vitamin C Serum Made in Australia in a dark glass bottle with  a pump to prevent oxidation and extend the serum's life.
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LIVE NOW Vitamin C-15 Brightening Serum - 30ml | Australian Made and Owned

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The Live Now Vitamin C-15 Serum contains 15% Vitamin C in a light, easily absorbed serum base to fight the free radical damages from sun exposure and environmental stressors, such as pollution and smoking, to reveal naturally glowing and healthier-looking skin.

Vitamin C Serum Skin Benefits:
  • Brightens
  • Smooths
  • Rejuvenates
  • Firms

Skin Issues to Target:

  • Dull complexion 
  • Sunburn
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sagging
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Premature aging
  • Dryness
How Does the Vitamin C-15 Work:
  • Protects from the UVA/UVB sun damage
  • Blocks the production of abnormal pigmentation
  • Contributes to new collagen production
  • Thickens the epidermis to “plump out” lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthens the elastin in the skin

Skin types

The Live Now Vitamin C Serum is formulated for all skin types - gentle and non-irritating.

However, if you have particularly sensitive or acne-prone skin, please test our products by applying a small amount and waiting 24 hours.

How to apply Vitamin C serum correctly

How many times
You should apply the Vitamin C Serum at least twice a day. We recommend, however, applying it three times a day during the summer to achieve adequate photoprotection, especially after exposure to UV light.

Apply in the mornings and evenings after you have gently and thoroughly cleansing your face and before moisturiser. If you are using exfoliants or other serums as a part of your skincare routine, the Vitamin C Serum comes always before the moisturiser.

Squeeze a pump of the serum on the top of your hand and dot drops of the vitamin C serum on your face, neck and décolleté (which is often forgotten!). Massage gently until fully absorbed.

Massage gently until absorbed.
Wait 10-15 minutes before moisturising.


Ascorbic Acid, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Purified Water, Disodium Edetate, Sunset Yellow (FD&C Yellow Number).

  • Australian Made and Owned

    The Live Now Skincare products are researched, developed, and manufactured in Australia.

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Created by a Medical Professional

Ruth Lavell (RN, NM, NP), founder of Live Now Skincare, has been formulating skincare products that WORK for more than ten years thanks to her extensive pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic nursing experience. She has developed and improved the Live Now Skincare range based on the direct feedback of her patients.

Live Now Skincare is 100% Australian made and owned.

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Try the "Beautiful Skin" Skincare Routine by Live Now

Step 1

Gently wash your face with the Live Now Super Daily Facial Cleanser by foaming it in your hands with lukewarm water. The wash will cleanse your skin, exfoliate it, and will support the cell renewal process..

The Live Now Super Daily Facial Cleanser designed to help with acne and blemish-prone skin without drying it out.

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Step 2

Gently smooth the B3/ Niacinamide Serum the skin of the face, neck, chest, and back of your hands to improve skin moisture levels, texture, and pigmentation.

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Step 3

Continue with squeezing one pump of the Vitamin C-15 Serum and applying it everywhere on your face, including under the eyes and on the neck.

The Serum will support collagen production while protecting your skin from sun damage.

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Step 4

Finish your morning routine with applying Live Now Ultra Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and Retinol.

The combination of these three ingredients will maintain your skin's hydration levels while revitilising it.

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Step 5

Never forget to apply sunscreen, even if you are at home or driving. The damaging UV rays can pass though glass windows and you will be completely unprotected indoors or in your car.

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