LIVE NOW Vitamin C-10 Serum.30ml Australian Made and Owned


The CPR for the ageing ski to stimulate Collagen. Protects and restores. The first aid for fine lines and wrinkles.

The Live Now Vitamin C-10 Serum in an easily absorbed serum base to fight the more advanced signs of ageing caused by free radical damage from sun exposure, environmental stressors such as pollution and smoking to reveal natural healthier looking skinMay assist in the following

  • Protection from UVA/UVB sun damage
  • Co-factor in collagen production and must be present for formation to occur
  • Increase the production of new collagen
  • Thickening the epidermis and “plumps out” lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthening elastin in the skin and blood vessels

Live Now Skincare is 100% made in Australia.

Live Now is an active skincare range designed for busy modern women which will help:

  • reduce the build up of excess oil and dead skin cells,
  • normalise the function of cell renewal,
  • reduce inflammation, and
  • prevent bacteria formation deep within the hair follicle and pores.

Live now is recommended by medical practitioners and the general public alike. Find out what people have to say about the range.

"Absolutely love ALL of the Live Now products but I just can not live without the Vitamin C15 and Niacinimide.At nearly 43 my skin has never looked or felt better. 💖💖
Postage is super fast."

Leah Harrison

"I’ve been using the 5% cleansers now for about 5 years. As a cosmetic nurse myself I know how these active ingredients work at a cellular level and can see how great they make my skin look and feel 💛💛"

Tammy Cano

"Finally skincare that’s works on aged skin. Vitamin C & cleanser absolute essentials it’s Australian well priced does what it says and arrives when it should. Get onto it."

Susan Singer

"I first started using an active skincare range about 5 years ago and I thought it was ok. Since using the Live Now range my skin has never looked so clear and moist. I love the way the cleanser makes my skin feel-so clean. It just washes away the old skin cells and leaves my skin looking young and shiny.

The Vitamin C is the best. It is much more emollient than other Vit C’s and it soaks in within minutes. I finish off with the Ultra Moisturiser and my skin glows. I can’t wait to try the B3 Niacinamide to brighten my skin."


Glenda, WA

"The Vitamin C is my favourite I make sure I never run out. I live in the country so I get the girls to send it to me. It makes my skin velvety and soft – I love it."

Yoko, Esperance

"Never before have I had such magic results with my pimple prone skin. I used the 5% glycolic wash and within days I could notice a difference and so could my friends. I don’t wear as much thick makeup anymore!"

Natalie, Osborne Park

I was watching Oprah on my day off and a Dermatologist was commenting on the MUST HAVE vitamins and skincare for the face. He recommended a glycolic wash to eliminate old skin cells. A Vitamin C to “feed” the skin, followed by a moisturiser with Hyaluronic acid to plump the skin.

I found all these magic ingredients in Skinicity and I am so happy. My skin has never looked so clean, clear and fresh. I feel years younger!

Dianne, Greenmount

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